Tailored Spaces

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Over the years we have transformed several loft conversions into perfect spaces for our clients. Our team of specialists have created offices, prayer rooms, extra storage space, custom-made shelving, bedrooms and more. We not only enhance the structure of your house, but provide you with extra space, whilst keeping your energy bills down.

Access to your space

Building regulations will often dictate that stairs need to be built when converting your loft into a bedroom or habitable room so that inhabitants can escape quicker in an emergency. Therefore, stairs need to be thoroughly thought-out and in line with local authority guidelines. However, if you are looking to cut down costs and do not want your loft conversion to be used as a constant habitable space then you can have easy access via a folding staircase. For more information and design ideas please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Loft conversions are never a one size fits all, so we are happy to work around your ideas for your new space.

Loft Storage

A loft conversion doesn’t just maximise your property’s value but increases your house’s potential. Now, you can stop stuffing your suitcases into the same cupboard as your tea-towels and have an exact place for everything. We offer basic loft conversions for those simply wanting some storage space. We have also designed rooms you can relax in and tailored rooms to enjoy your hobby in, such as observatories and home cinemas.

We understand every loft is different and therefore offer tailored drawings and precise measurements from the initial assessment. We work with transparency in mind, with scheduled timetables and plans that keep you in the loop from the beginning. That way you can see from the outset and throughout that your loft conversion is custom-made to expertly and seamlessly fit the space provided.

We provide a range of services that allow you to only pay for what you need – You can decide to simply pay for the joinery and installation of your loft or choose to include loft lining and other extras. Loft lining is worth considering as it helps prevent dampness and reduce heating bills.



It’s important to think about loft ventilation before it’s too late. Condensation, mould and residue build-up needs to be quickly and effectively dealt with before your insulation turns damp. If that happens, damp patches will appear on your ceiling and become very expensive to fix. Ventilation is linked to insulation. In the past, our draughty lofts meant water vapour rarely got a chance to build up and fresh air was constantly being circulated. Lofts were also warmer, as the heat has risen to the top of the house would have condensed any remaining water vapour that hadn’t been removed by the draughts. Nowadays, we want the heat to be retained across the entirety of the house and our energy bills to stay low. Which means ventilation is imperative unless we want to spend thousands constantly re-doing the insulation in order not to have mouldy suitcases or furry windows.

Don’t let the damp invade your loft

Damp is a killer. From rotting timbers to infestation, a damp loft is an expensive nightmare. Unventilated loft spaces are more prone to condensation from the moisture in the air.  By preventing unwanted moisture in your loft, you can keep your bills low and your house the temperature you want. We provide high-quality ventilation by means of soffit vents, air bricks and vented roof tiles.  New regulations also state that roofs on all new properties should be installed on both sides of the roof. 

Please get in contact to ask about our insulation products!   

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Roof Windows

Light can instantly transform any room. It helps to know where to place your roof windows so that you can constantly benefit from natural light and maximize space. Aside from increasing natural light, our customers are conscious of keeping their energy bills down. Which is why we offer windows that are designed with inbuilt ventilation and insulation at their core. Helping to keep your energy bills low and your house healthy.

For those wanting a seamless connection between inside and outdoors we recommend a pitched roof design. Pitched roof windows allow you to gaze at the stars or soak up the sun from the comfort of your new loft conversion.

Dormer windows are an excellent idea for those wanting to create extra space for their loft conversion. By building a small flat-roof extension to fit your window, you can extend the head-height of the converted room. Dormer windows are a cost-effective addition to your loft conversion as they guarantee you are utilizing the entirety of space available to you.


For loft conversions that are being changed into habitable or luxurious storage rooms the sockets, switches, aerial points, cabling (including HDMI) and other needs to be in useful, easy to reach places. At G J Loft Conversions, we artfully hide your electrics, while ensuring they are in a location that suits your needs. Options include having a light switch by your bed for those converting their loft into deluxe bedrooms or a range of easy to reach sockets for those converting their loft into an office or hobby room.

All electrical work is carried out by a certified and professional electrician. Your safety is our guarantee. Our electricians can offer board changes in the case of your property needing one, alongside circuit surveys.

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For those wanting to add a sense of luxury to their loft converted bedroom, an en-suite will add utility, value and comfort. A lot of people worry that there is not enough space to put in a bath or shower and so opt for a washbasin. However, with G J Loft Conversion you can have the bathroom you imagined. Regardless of whether you want the entire loft space to be dedicated to a sumptuous, beautifully crafted bathroom or to install a simple en-suites; if we can get the bath up the stairs – the bath in the bathroom is all yours.  Whilst a shower will take up less space, the head height needs to be brought into consideration unless you are already extending out the roofline in which case it won’t matter.  

We aim to keep plumbing simple and will always try to position the bath/shower/toilet as close to the existing waste and supply pipes as possible. If that isn’t possible, our plumber can use other methods, such as laying micro-bore plastic pipes rather than using a traditional waste pipe. Obtaining water supplies up into the loft conversion should be straightforward as the main pressure should be enough to push the cold water up into the receiving installation. For hot water, if you’re lucky it will also be pushed up from the hot tank and if it doesn’t then our plumber can best advise on how to proceed. We also advise all our customers to make sure their loft is properly ventilated, for example, window ventilation or from a bathroom extractor fan. The extractor fan can come on when the light is switched on, meaning you don’t need to rely on people to turn it on, which is particularly handy in the winter.  

For more information as to what plumbing you need in your loft conversion, then don’t hesitate to get in contact.  

Tiling and Plastering

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We offer in-house tiling and plastering services to help complete your loft conversion into a ready to live-in room. Professional plastering adds a protective and decorative coating for your walls and ceilings, including moulding and casting elements. Plastering effectively transforms the room from a work in progress to a room of beauty. Please take a look at the list our list of services below: 

  • Skimming 
  • Dot and Dab 
  • Stud Walls 
  • Plater repairs 
  • Insulating 
  • Coving and plaster mouldings 
  • Decorative 

If the service you want isn’t listed, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact for more information and to hear of our skills.  

We also offer a tiling service for loft conversions. Tiles emphasise the mood or interior design you want for your room. For example, wood effect tiles can make a cosy, old-world feel to your loft conversion and mosaics can bring the illusion of space for awkward room sizes.  We can provide an endless range of colours, textures and materials so you can have a challenge deciding it exactly what you want.  


G J Loft Conversions have been providing high-quality carpentry for over 25 years.  To ensure your loft conversion blends naturally with the rest of your house, our carpenters create bespoke pieces that fit the property’s aesthetics We appreciate the loft is a unique space and through our skills and hands-on experience we think we know exactly how to work itOur services include but are not limited to; timber frame fitting; wooden floor installation; cupboards; bookcases; wardrobes and structural work. 

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Roof Renovation

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I think it’s safe to say the roof is vital for any property. However, it’s not only important for safety, warmth and comfort it also solidifies the complete aesthetics for the house.  Pitch it wrong and it could be very costly to fix. We can install, repair, extend or build from scratch. From the assessment stage to the design and build phase we undertake the entirety of the job so that you can closely follow your roof renovation project.