Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timescale of the job?2018-07-27T11:10:40+00:00

Work should be completed from 3 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on the size of the job.

What disruption will the building work cause?2018-07-27T11:11:26+00:00

As the work will be done to the top of the house, most of the work will be in the loft itself, meaning that it can be carried out with little disruption to your lives. However, later on in the job there will be disruption when we knock through to make the staircase to your conversion.

How much will it cost?2018-07-27T11:12:15+00:00

The cost of the job will depend on a variety of different factors, and as such we cannot state how much it will cost. We will find out all of the details of the job and provide you with a quote that is competetive for the job that is required.

Will the building work be affected by adverse weather conditions?2018-07-27T11:12:58+00:00

The weather will not have any effect on building work, as we will cover the roof over at all times to prevent water from getting in while the roof is open. We are also able to put up a scaffolded tin sheeting over the top of the job at an additional cost, which can be discussed when quoting the job.

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